Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Concepts To Teach By

These are the concept charts I use to plan my lessons and curriculum. Music is a language and I love helping my students become fluent! Enjoy!

from Music for Dancers by Kerri Lynn Nichols
©2017 Edition Kerri Lynn Nichols. Used with permission.

RHYTHM: Patterns of movement in space and time

Pulse: steady beat, sound/movement are equidistant, no change
Grouping (Meter): grouping pulses by twos (strong-light), threes (strong-light-light) or combinations
Pattern (Rhythmic):  note values, rests, sound/movement changes or is irregular

MELODY: A series of related pitches, usually the lead part.
Pitch: low, middle, high
Scale: ladder of notes, high to low or low to high; a set of notes used to create a melody
Interval: the space (distance) between to pitches: steps or jumps
FORM: The order of the musical form; the overall shape of the piece (i.e. ABCAA)
Phrase: a musical sentence; questions/answer
Repeat: same; rounds, canons, rondo form, echoes (AA)
Contrast: changes, variations (AB)
EXPRESSION: Techniques used to convey how the music is played or to create a feeling or reaction to the music.
Pace (Tempo): slow, medium, fast
Dynamics: loud, soft, crescendo, decrescendo
Articulate: accents, staccato, legato, fermata, slur
Interpret: style, period, culture, aesthetic
TIMBRE: Various sound qualities of voices and instruments.
Body: snap, clap, pat, stomp
Voice: sing, speak, whisper, call
Percussion: metals, woods, skins, shakers, scrapers
Instruments: strings, winds, brass
TEXTURE: The layers of the music; simultaneous parts.
Combinations: solo, choral, unison, duet, tutti, ensemble
Harmony: different pitches sounded at the same time; tension/resolution, paraphony, polyphony, intervals
 Accompaniment: a part of the music that goes with or underlies the melody or main part; a Capella, instrumental, sound effects

from Creative Dance for All Ages by Anne Green Gilbert
©1995 Anne Green Gilbert. Used with permission.

SPACE           Place, size, direction, pathway, focus

TIME              Pulse, pattern, grouping (meter), breath rhythm, timed/untimed

FORCE           Energy, weight, flow

BODY            Parts, shapes, relationships, balance